6000 packages of Safran to Irma

Then two large boxes have come (see bottom) with 6000 bags of 0.5 g saffron in each to Irma I. Good collaboration with Karlsen's spices. It is our first "private label" production - specially packed bags so they can fit into the special sustainable spice packaging in Irma.

By moving bags, stickers and the gasket to Afghanistan, we create even more income and more jobs. Afghanistan is in dire need of this - especially right now that the international troops are leaving the country. It creates uncertainty and at the same time the large turnover and income disappears that the foreign presence brought with it.

One of those who have got work through Safran production is Shah Mohammad of 43 years. He had his own business, but went bankrupt during Covid-19 and has now got a job at Afghanistan Saffron Company, from which we buy our saffron. He weighs off saffron and it provides income for the family. The work is not so physically hard, and so it has also helped with the back problems he previously had.

Now is the time we have to trade Afghanistan.

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Safran packs directly from Afghanistan.