Quality products can come from all corners of the world. But when war and conflict hit an area, there are few who dare to trade with the local families and businesses. At warfair, we trade for peace.

We have allied ourselves with the most talented local farmers and companies in conflict-affected countries. This is how we ensure that you can enjoy world-class products and through trade make a contribution to prosperity and peace.

warfair offers


We find quality products and companies in war-torn countries and make contact with companies in Denmark and the EU.


We ensure high product quality, including the necessary certificates, approvals and laboratory tests.


We check the companies and prepare due-diligence reports on ethics and the environment (see Open ).

Transport and financing

We help with transport and financing to ensure that payment is made as directly as possible.


We thereby remove the risk and ensure that the goods reach consumers in Denmark and Europe.

With your help, we can do much more for people in countries affected by conflict.

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