Warfair goes in for openness.

Here you will find information about what we work for and stand for.

Complaints mechanism

Complaints or feedback in connection with Warfair activities or behavior, including in employees and the companies and organizations that Warfair deals with can be sent Complaints are processed by The Ethical Committee. Further information about the complaint mechanism can be found in Warfair Complaints mechanism - policy and procedure.

Due-Diligence Reports

For all goods and businesses, DUE DILETENCE Reports are prepared, which includes answering a questionnaire, searches and interviews with stakeholders. The reports are approved by The Ethical Committee and is published in Warfair.World.


Warfair working for The World Goals, Especially Objective 1 (Abolition Poverty), Objective 8 (Decent Jobs and Economic Growth), Objective 16 (Peace, Justice and Responsible Institutions) and Goal 17 (Partnerships for Action). At the same time, the focus isPeace building and the state building goals, especially target 4 (economic progress) under itInternational Dialogue for Peace Building and State Building.

Warfair joining and will strive to followGuiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the humanitarian principles ofCore Humanitarian Standard Including the principle of "do-no-harm".

Warfair have a zero-tolerance policy against sexual abuse and violations andjoins ILO Convention 190 (Violence and HarasMent Convention) To prohibit, prevent and protect against violence and abuse including sexual abuse and violations.

Warfair is a member of and willstrive to follow recommendations fromDanish Initiative for Ethical Trade

Warfair does not accept and will actively fight corruption, andwill strive to apply international standards for anti-corruption including Global Reporting Initiative (GRI 205: Anti-Corruption) and reporting practice fromGlobal Compact

Warfair Will prepare Due-Diligence Reports for the individual products and partner based on the policies above and the standards Prepared by OECD/FAO and with regard to the special conditions of conflict zones, cf. the recommendations of International Alert. 

Warfair will not act or cooperate with companies or partners that do not comply Warfair Sanctions Policy.

Warfair will not receive donations or financial contributions that are not in accordance with Warfair Donation Policy.


Annual Report and Accounts will be made available here:


Warfair will be climate neutral. The emissions will be compensated through further wood planting at the company's home, the farm Vejgaard. The climate accounts will be made available here on the website from 2022.

The climate imprint for the individual goods will, to the extent that the information is available, can be found in Warfair.World.

Food security

Warfair is approved as an importer of conventional, organic and fairtrade foods.

Food certificates, analyzes and ingredient lists are available in Warfair.World.

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