Help the earthquake victims in Herat

In warfair we believe that trade is the best help, but there are times when emergency assistance is needed.

This applies right now in Herat province in Afghanistan, which has been hit by a series of strong earthquakes in the past week. Around 1,400 have been killed and 20,000 are directly affected by the earthquake, which has wiped out entire villages.

It is from Herat that warfair gets saffron and the beautiful Herati glasses.

We have been in contact with our partner Herat Saffron , who says that all their employees are safe, but that the damage is extensive.

Together with the Danish organization DAKDIF (Danish Afghan Women and Diaspora Forum) and Herat Saffron, warfair will collect money for the victims of the earthquake. The money will go directly and uncut as a subsidy to families to help rebuild their houses.

We hope you will contribute.

Help by buying 1 g of saffron from Herat for DKK 129 (normal price DKK 79). You give 50 kroner to the collection and warfair gives 25 kroner on top of that.

We also donate 50 kroner for each Herati Glass to the collection.

And we give 15% of the sale of all baby pistachios from Herat to the fundraiser.

You can thus help both through trade and emergency aid.

Read more about the earthquake from DR or from OCHA, the UN's relief organisation .

Photos are taken by Zhilla who works in Wadan who makes our Herati glass.

The collection runs until 1 December 2023.