Hope for peace in Yemen

There has been silence in Yemen. The bombs no longer fall. The truce that was concluded in April last year holds - largely.

But everyone is waiting, whether it is silence before the war breaks out again, or silence before an actual and stable peace agreement can be concluded. The first is still a risk. The latter will take a long time. Meanwhile, life is hard, not least for the over 21 million Yemenis who need emergency aid.

In warfair, we will soon, in good cooperation with our partner, Yemen Journey, send another container from Aden to Copenhagen. It will be full of coffee and baskets. It creates jobs and income in the country, and we hope it can make a small contribution to peace and progress.

If there is a peace agreement, one of the most important things is that it can quickly be felt by the population. That peace pays off.

Help us act for peace.