Women and conflict

"Our only hope and desire is that the dried fruits will be exported to all countries, and that this will give us job security - and create jobs for many more women."

That's the simple but powerful message in the video above from Belqis, who works at Ziba Foods in Afghanistan. And that's what we fight for in warfair: That women and men in countries affected by war and conflict get work, income and security . Over 80 percent of the employees at the factory are women - and many are single parents after years of war, conflict and chaos.

The same picture applies in the DR Congo, where a large proportion of the women at the factory are widows of park rangers in the Virunga National Park, who have been shot by the violent militias that ravage the area. For those women and for their families, a job means everything.

Last week we got a new large shipment of the green Kishmish raisins, almonds and pine nuts home from Afghanistan. And next week, 2.5 tons of chocolate and cocoa nibs will arrive from the DR Congo. We are so happy every time we can send off a new order - and it is your support that makes it possible.

We hope you will continue to support us by buying the unique quality products.

Thank you for trading for peace.