Safran on the way!

It is called the red gold, consists of dustbars from the plant Safran crocus, and is one of the world's finest spices. We have now bought two kilos in Afghanistan with Karlsen's spices, and the package is on its way to Denmark.

Afghanistan produces some of the world's finest saffron and the one we have bought is a high quality defran, which we are very much looking forward to presenting to Danish customers.

Safran exports create jobs and income for both farmers and for women, who are often responsible for the production itself. And then it is a good alternative to the harmful opium production.

It is the Danish organization Dacaar There has helped the farmers in the Saffron Association of Barnabad start growing saffron and we have bought through the company Afghanistan Saffron Company which is both certified and professional.

It is a good story in every way.