Ceasefire and Vanilla from Congo (DRC)


While the war in both Ukraine and Gaza unfortunately continues with large civilian casualties, there is some hope to be found in the hard-hit eastern Congo (DRC). Here, a ceasefire has been concluded with the support of the government in both Rwanda and Congo (DRC). We must hope that it holds, so that there can be some Christmas peace when they soon celebrate Christmas in the primarily Catholic country.

Virunga Origins, the company we deal with, is at least doing their part to create positive changes in the hard-hit area. The company grows, they can provide income for more and more employees and farmers, and we get new goods from them. Today we are very happy to be able to introduce gourmet vanilla from Virunga - just in time for this year's vanilla wreaths and for the rice salamander.

The vanilla is bought from the area around the Virunga National Park, which is hard hit by both conflict and extreme poverty. The vanilla is bought from local farmers and contributes to peace and prosperity for the local population, and to the sustainability and protection of unique wildlife, including the rare mountain gorillas.

As they write from Virunga:

"It's simple. When you buy the vanilla, the farmers around Virunga National Park become happy. The rangers in the park become happy. The gorillas and the rest of the wildlife become happy. And when you use the vanilla, you also become extremely happy. That's what we call double happiness!"

100% of the profit from the production in DR Congo goes back to the national park.