A new factory in the midst of conflict and chaos

It is really impressive to be able to build a new factory in the middle of an escalating conflict. Our partner, Virunga Origins, has done this in eastern Congo. The factory was inaugurated 2 weeks ago and will ensure more goods and jobs, and an even higher quality.
Shortly after there was hope for a ceasefire, the conflict has unfortunately escalated violently in the area. You can read about it here at DR, who fear a new African world war. The city of Goma is now completely surrounded by the rebel movement M23. Over 2 million refugees have fled into the city, and all roads into the city are blocked except for the road from Rwanda. Food prices have risen significantly, and the World Food Programme, WFP, is finding it difficult to feed a city that suddenly has twice as many inhabitants as before.
We spoke to the director of Virunga Origins on Friday from the office in Goma. They are still in good spirits. The new factory is located further north at Beni. It has been a significant logistical challenge to get it built, to get new machines in and goods out. But they've made it. It says something about the courage and willpower of those who stand behind Virunga National Park . Despite the conflict, they continue to fight for the benefit of people and animals in and around the park.
We are proud to be one of their partners. And we hope you will continue to support them and trade for peace.