warfair B Corp certified

After almost a year of work, warfair is now B corp certified ! Thus, we join a family of companies that adhere to high standards for sustainability.

The B corp certification is a very thorough process, where we have answered hundreds of questions which are subsequently verified and checked.

As a B corp company, you are measured on value-based management, ethics and openness, conditions for employees, environment and climate, contribution to poverty alleviation and local communities and customers.

warfair scored a total of 88.4 points, which is above the threshold of 80. We could have scored far more points if we had been able to freely travel to the countries we trade with and if the companies we trade with had access to be certified within e.g. organic or fair trade. But both are difficult for countries affected by war and conflict.

We hope our B corp certification can benefit the companies, we deal with - that we can use the recognition to contribute even more to creating jobs and income in countries affected by conflict.