Climate accounting

warfair will strive to create improvements for both climate, nature and the environment both at ourselves and at the companies we do business with.

We have used the Climate Compass to calculate emissions for 2022 from scope 1 and 2.
It has been calculated at 9.51 tonnes of CO2 equivalents ( CO2e) . The majority comes from power consumption for the company's refrigerated container (5.7 degrees) and cool rooms (12-15 degrees), which are used to cool and store food. Therefore, we will investigate the possibilities of reducing power consumption in terms of cooling and storage.

The climate footprint calculations from the Climate Compass can be found here.

Compensation for the discharge will take place through a partnership with the Klimaskovfonden . However, carbon sequestration during afforestation through the Klimaskovfonden is calculated over a period of 100 years. warfair ApS wants to match our emissions through carbon sequestration through afforestation before the year 2045, corresponding to Denmark's goal for climate neutrality. Analyzes from the University of Copenhagen show that 74 m2 of forest must be planted per ton of CO2e if carbon sequestration is to be achieved by 2045 in forest/shelter fences with oak as the dominant species on land of good quality.

warfair ApS aims to plant 100 m2 of forest per ton of CO2e with oak trees as the dominant species on land of good creditworthiness.

The calculations regarding carbon sequestration during afforestation are documented here.

The climate footprint for the individual goods can, to the extent that the information is available, be found in .

For 2023, we will endeavor to also carry out a calculation of our climate footprint for the most important elements in scope 3.

Read our warfair Environmental Commitment .