warfair employees

Christian Friis Bach
Co-founder and CEO
For many years, Christian has traveled in countries affected by conflict and this led to the idea for warfair, which he established in 2019 together with his family. He is an agronomist by training and has a Ph.D. with a focus on international trade. He was involved in starting the Fair Trade movement in Denmark 25 years ago and has worked with peace and state building both as Danish development minister, under-secretary-general of the UN and in humanitarian organisations.
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Karin Friis Bach
Co-founder and director
Karin was active in the fair trade movement as a young person and has many years of experience in management and politics as a former head of the GCP unit and is today a member of the Regional Council in the Capital Region, Danish Regions' board and chairman of the Danish Regions' health committee. Karin works unpaid in warfair with both strategy and management, packaging and logistics.
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Makarem Ibrahim (part-time)
Packing and advising on the Middle East (part-time)
Makarem is on early retirement but has helped warfair with packing and advice. She has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Damascus University in Syria and a laboratory technician training and a nursing training from Denmark. She has worked in the Research Institute of Slaughterhouses and as an interpreter and assistant for the disabled and produced Iraqi television and radio.

Signe Mørk Sørensen
Due diligence, climate accounting and B-corp certification (consultant)
Signe was employed on contract in 2022 and continues to help with B-corp certification and climate accounting. She owns the company ImpactCSR and has extensive experience in due diligence and ethical trading.

Thea Raunsbaek
The project students
Thea is a master's student in business economics and German with the profile Global Marketing Management. Thea has previously been an intern at the embassy in Warsaw and is now a Commercial Assistant at the Consulate General in Hamburg. In collaboration with warfair, she has written her thesis project about the North German retail market.
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Ellen Marie Bach Ryhl
SoMe and website (part-time)
Ellen Marie has become a student in the summer of 2023 and has a part-time job at warfair with SoMe and website. She has previously built an Instagram universe with over 100,000 followers and had her own business.

Erik Bach Ryhl
Packages (part-time)
Erik has finished high school and is on sabbatical. He helps with packing and storage. Erik also works as a waiter and DJ and has his own company ( webberik.com ) building websites.

warfair owes a big thank you to Sigurd Hartkorn Plaetner, who came up with the name warfair, and to Jan Rasmussen , TombolaCph , who designed our logo.