warfair Environmental Committment

The purpose of warfair ApS is to contribute to jobs and local development through trade with companies and families in countries affected by conflict and fragility. While the social aspect of our business is strong, we strive to make continuously make improvements within environmental protection and climate.

We strive to integrate environmental considerations in the same way as we have a focus on human rights and ethics. Therefore, we measure and from 2023 report on our environmental performance as well as on our financial and social performance. We are committed to conduct due diligence related to environmental issues and essential questions related to environmental impacts are part of our value chain due diligence. We expect our partners in the supply chain to work towards reducing their environmental footprint as well.

We have mapped out that the most material impacts we have on the environment (incl. climate and biodiversity) is: CO2e emission in our value chains, e.g. from transportation; footprint from packaging; and CO2e emissions, water use and impacts on biodiversity through farming and growing of crops. We also leave an environmental footprint from our office buildings, we expect this to be lower than from our supply chain, but nevertheless will it be included in our goals.

Based on our most material impacts we are focusing on:
Our focus on environmental impacts in our value chains (scope 3):

  • CO2e emissions from transportation of products
  • Packaging
  • Agricultural improvements in collaboration with our suppliers
Our focus on environmental impacts from the office (scope 1 and 2):
  • Waste management
  • Energy optimization
  • Biodiversity nearby the office
  • Planting of forests nearby the office

Measure – reduce and improve – compensate:
To first understand and afterwards improve our environmental performance, we have initiated a focus on carbon accounting to measure our current footprint.

Based on this baseline we will focus on reductions and improvements

And because we know that we will always leave an environmental footprint: warfair. strives to be climate neutral. The emissions will be compensated through further tree planting at the company's registered office, the farm Vejgaard. The climate account will be made available here on the website.