Who we are

Owners and board of directors

The board helps warfair with strategy, finance and business development. Meet warfair's owners and board here .

Ethical committee

warfair has an Ethics Committee that oversees the implementation of the ethical policies and principles. See more on the page for the Ethics Committee .


For the first 1½ years, warfair was run entirely by volunteers. But now we have a good team in place. Meet us here .


A number of warfair friends support the work. Meet them here .

About the company

warfair was started by Karin and Christian Friis Bach, who back in the early 1990s were also involved in both developing country imports and the start-up of the Fair Trade Mark (Max Havelaar) in Denmark. In 2023, the group of owners was expanded with the members of the former advisory board. See the owners and board here .

warfair ApS (reg. no. 40934731, click here to see the registration) is owned by the holding company Vejgaard Holding ApS (CVR no. 40930078, click here for registration) , which is owned by the Friis Bach family.

For ideas, comments or further information contact us here .