Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2021 is completed and has been appointed by our advisory board.

2021 was the first year when Warfair opened for direct sales also to private.

By the end of the year we had 21 items (with 75 variants) from 9 companies in 5 countries hit by conflict: Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, DR Congo, Somalia and Yemen.

Despite the major challenges with both Covid-19, the Shipping Crisis and Taliban's acquisition in Afghanistan, we reached the goal of generating revenue in countries affected by conflict for DKK 2 million of which approx. DKK 900,000 in Afghanistan, DKK 800,000 in Yemen, DKK 150,000 in DR Congo and the rest in Somalia and Burkina Faso. For most of the countries, it meant a significant increase in total imports to Denmark.

The total revenue in Denmark was DKK 2,006,822 of which just under half was on the webshop and the rest for retail/processing with Coffee Collective, Coffee Libre (South Korea), Karlsen's spices and social foodies as the most important partners. The stock rose to just under one million. The profits ended at DKK 214,638 before tax.

In addition to the deal, Warfair also assisted our partners in other ways. Several products came on the market in Europe for the first time with Warfair. Due-Diligence The reports and analyzes were used as references. Like SEED AGRI, food certified and Shadian (licorice) were ecologically certified with assistance from Warfair.

The Advisory Board of Directors and the Ethical Committee Gave solid and valuable advice throughout the year and so did a number of volunteers.

Big thanks to them and to everyone who supported our work in 2021!

Read Annual Report 2021 here.