New shipment of chili despite armed conflict

In Myanmar, the armed battles have flared up in recent weeks between the military regime and the rebel groups in the Shan state, where we get our Chili from. Airstrikes and increasingly heavy weapons are used. 40 civilians have lost their lives. Thousands have been displaced. And the local association MIID, which we do business with, has had to move their head office.
Despite that, the local families, MIID and the Danish organization ADDA are struggling to keep the production and export of chili going. They have just received our next shipment of chilli out of the area and to the capital Yangon. Chili production offers a bit of hope for the hard-hit villages and families. And the top-quality chili is produced without pesticides and chemical fertilizers!
It has also been difficult times for the Afghan families who produce our saffron from Herat. The earthquake in the autumn hit the area hard, but they have not given up. During these months, they are busy sorting and organizing the saffron harvest to the highest quality.
The local resilience of the families and businesses we do business with is impressive. This is what gives us the will to continue.
Thank you for also trading for peace and prosperity.