Danish companies choose risky countries from

A new study from Ethical Trade Denmark shows that as many as 92% of Danish companies to a greater or lesser degree choose risky countries from when they buy. This means that companies and families in the countries often do not get a chance.

In warfair , we choose the countries at risk - the most fragile and conflict-affected countries in the world. We find the good companies, do extensive due diligence, test the goods and arrange financing and shipping. Then they get a chance.

And as you can read in our new Annual Report , we are now up to 29 unique quality products from 11 really good companies in 7 at-risk countries affected by conflict. We are happy about that. And there are more products and companies on the way.

But if we are to create more jobs and more income in countries affected by conflict, we need you - and many more customers. Hope you will help us.