A container has come from Yemen

A container has come from Yemen! Finally.
It's been one of the most difficult shipping tasks, Yemen Journey And we've tried. The conflict in Yemen and the shipping crisis caused countless problems and delays. But now they succeeded!
The goods came yesterday. Therefore we can now offer Great beach basket Made by Yemenitic Women in the Organization All Girls Foundation.
We again have the beautiful lanterns from the old silversmith in Sana'a - now also in one Small version for candles. The large one that can also be used with solar cells can be pre -ordered for delivery in approx. one week (they just need a walk past our partner Little Sun in Berlin).
And then we got the long awaited coffee from Yemen - three different kinds even! We need to have sampling, toasted and packed with our good partner Coffee Collective But you can already pre -order that one Coffee from the Sha'an valley.
There are limited numbers of it all, but we hope we can deliver Christmas gifts to many of you!
Thank you for dealing for peace.