An almond is not just an almond

An almond is not just an almond. In Afghanistan they have over 100 different registered types. Almonds are to Afghans what spaghetti is to Italians or cheese to the French. We have now also received the very special and rare white Shakboz almond, and can present five different unique quality almonds from Afghanistan (one as both raw and roasted/salted).

At the same time, we can also present five different quality chocolates from DR Congo. The Congolese and Belgian "chocolatiers" have been innovative together and there are now both vegan milk and white chocolate made with coconut milk, a full dark chocolate with 95% cocoa, a chocolate with peanut flakes and our good old dark chocolate with 63% cocoa .

Almonds and chocolate. It tastes like Christmas.

Thank you for trading for peace.