Poverty is increasing significantly in Afghanistan

The United Nations Development Program presented stark figures this week: the number of Afghans living in poverty has almost doubled to 34 million since the Taliban took power. That is 83% of the population. And the oppression of women and girls' rights continues. There are really difficult conditions for the Afghan population.

In that light, it is even more impressive that our good partner Ziba Foods continues to fight for the many women who work for them and depend on the company. And we are happy to be able to launch another new product together with Ziba Foods: Round Kishmish raisins .

The long Kishmish raisins we have sold for a long time are green, sweet and flavorful. The new round Kishmish raisins are light brown/greenish and have a very sweet and fig-like taste and texture, with small seeds that make them crunch easily. They are really good for breakfast or dessert.

Despite the crisis, Afghan farmers and women therefore fight on to create unique nuts and dried fruits from the semi-arid and sunny Afghan mountains. We hope you will support this.