From mother to mother

We are happy when we help create jobs in countries affected by conflict. But we are even more happy when it is workplaces for women. And there are many of them.

In a large number of the companies we deal with, women make up 60-80% of employees. It is women who pills dust-draggers out of the saffron flower, and women who sort and pack the many nuts, almonds and dried fruits we sell from Afghanistan. There are many women, often widows of park guards who have been shot, who make the chocolate in Congo (DRC) and women who help produce, sort and pack cashews in Burkina Faso and Sesame from Somalia.

We focus on that in our gifts for Mother's Day and with our new postcards with six strong women behind our goods.

Meet them below.

Anna Birinka, Virunga, DR Congo; Hosna, Ziba Foods, Afghanistan; Nekbakht, Shadian, Afghanistan; Rahma, as Seed Agri, Somalia; Rahima, Afghanistan Saffron Company; Traore, Gebana, Burkina Faso.