Ginger from Myanmar

It has taken several months, but it succeeded in a good collaboration with Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development and the Danish organizationAdda: We can now offer fresh and amazing ginger from Myanmar.

The ginger is grown in the hilly areas of Hopong and Hsihseng in the Shan State of smaller farming, run by women and men. One of them is Daw Nang Bwar, a young woman from Hopong who grows a small piece of land with corn, rice and ginger.

The area has previously been severely affected by conflict and is influenced by the continued conflicts in the neighboring state, from which 30,000 internal refugees have arrived. Ginger production creates important jobs and income for families.

The first consignment was a sample order of just 60 kg. But we now proven that it could be done and conducted a number of quality tests, including for pesticides, and there were no pesticide residues, aflatoxin or other harmful substances. It is a high quality product.

It is well done by our partners that they could have it produced and delivered under difficult conditions.

We hope we can take a much larger order home for next harvest.

Unfortunately, with the military's acquisitions and a number of bloody conflicts in the ethnic areas, Myanmar has unfortunately entered the World Bank's list of the most fragile and conflict -affected countries in the world. We try with this little order to act for peace.

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