The women are still working in Afghanistan

It has been very sad to follow the new restrictions that the Taliban have introduced for women in Afghanistan, including that they are not allowed to work for the NGOs. And it caused deep concern and fear among the women at the good company Ziba Foods in Kabul, with whom we do business.

But after a few days the women were fortunately back at work again, although with new uniforms during the transport to the factory. They badly need our support and new orders. If trade disappears, they become even more vulnerable and many of the women are single breadwinners for their families. Listen to a few of their stories here .

Out in the countryside, it is also often the women who are responsible for processing and sorting almonds and nuts and helping in agriculture. Those families also need continued trade.

So when the Taliban tightens its grip, there is even more need for us to order new goods and create income and work in Afghanistan. And when we do business with companies where the majority of employees are women, we send a clear signal that they are needed, that we need them, and that Afghanistan needs them.

Thank you for acting for peace.