Send a positive signal to the people of Niger

If you search for Denmark's total imports of agricultural goods from Niger , then there is 0 everywhere for the last 5 years. Except for 2022, when it suddenly says 55,000 kroner. It is Chufa and Niébe beans for warfair.

Niger is one of the world's poorest and most vulnerable countries. And agriculture is absolutely crucial for the population - it is agriculture that the vast majority of residents make a living from. And the farmers are proud of the unique products. But they never come to Denmark and mostly not to Europe. The most important import from Niger to the EU is uranium ore - and the population gets virtually nothing out of that production. This has helped build up a great deal of dissatisfaction among the population.

Niger, which has otherwise been one of the most democratic and stable countries in northern Africa, is now thrown into a significant crisis after the recent military coup . It will further isolate the population and may lead to increased poverty, conflict and migration. The country was already under pressure from attacks from groups linked to the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram.

Our import of Chufa and Niébe beans in 2022 was a first small trial shipment. The goods came from a cooperative formed mainly by women. We are keen to continue the deal for the benefit of them and their families in Niger. Hope you will support.

Help us act for peace.