THANKS! 234,550 kroner

It was a completely overwhelming result of crowdfunding: 334 Danes bought a total of 416 packages of saffron, licorice, almonds, apricot kernels and pine nuts from Afghanistan, coffee and lanterns from Yemen, Sesame from Somalia and chocolate from DR Congo.

The campaign provided a total amount of DKK 234,550 - with a distance the highest amount reached in a crowdfunding at Coop - and 586.4% over the goal we had set together with Coop. We are very happy and grateful!

Thank you to everyone who backed up, and to Coop for the opportunity. All packages have been sent - except for the spring packages waiting for the coffee harvest in Yemen and the certification of the Sesame factory in Somalia.

The campaign has made an important contribution and sent a strong signal to the families and companies in Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen who have manufactured the goods. It can be done. We now believe more than ever in the collaboration and the idea behind Warfair.

We can act for peace!