Chufa and niébé beans from niger

First came a young student from Niger who read at RUC, then a Dane from Aarhus with roots in Niger, Safi Yahiya. They both really wanted Warfair to have goods from their homeland. We asked them - as we always do - what they were most proud of. The answer came promptly: Chufa And the special Vignabønner. 

After long preparation and much trouble we have now got both goods to Denmark. And they are quite amazing.

Imports have been made in a really good collaboration with the Dane Safi Yahiya and the company Yahaya Groupe she has established in Niger.

Chufa Or Earth Mandler is a unique root fruit that comes from northern Africa and is the new superfood. Fiber rich, sweet and crunchy. Ideal for snacks or salads or chopped/blended in cakes or food.

The special Vignabe is Niger's pride. They are crispy and delicious with a fresh pea -like taste. Since it is a local variant that the farmers in Niger are very proud of, we call them what they are called in Niger: Niébé beans. We are very pleased to introduce a new bean on the Danish market, and hope you will support this first trial. 

Niger is one of the world's poorest countries, without access to the sea and affected by a wide range of conflicts that come across borders from both the north and the south. The country is in dire need of trade, income and jobs.

Chufa nuts from Niger.

Safi Yahiya in front of Vignabønner lying to dry in the sun.