Coffee seminar with farmers and barristas from Yemen

On Thursday 16/3 2023, together with Yemen Journey, we organized an international online coffee seminar together with our partner Yemen Journey.

It was an exciting journey in Yemeni coffee with a focus on fermentation, drying, sorting, and local varieties.

The best Yemeni coffees that we import are so-called microlots, where special local varieties are grown on small plots of land and kept separate from each other. A microlot can be down to 25 kg and up to a few hundred kilos. Each and every microlot has its own unique taste.

No artificial fertilizers and pesticides are used or irrigated, and the coffees grow on terraces and in small oases high up in the dry Yemeni mountains. This also makes cultivation, drying and transport very expensive and difficult and this, together with the unique quality, is reflected in the prices. But the Yemeni coffees are worth all the money.

We are keen to convey and promote the very special and historic Yemeni coffee and will bring 2-4 microlots to Denmark in 2023. Hope you will welcome.