Stamp jug - Brewing guide

You can use our coffee from Virunga Origins in Congo (DRC), or our Khawlani coffee from Yemen .

Do you have a complete grasp of how to brew the perfect plunger jug?
Our good friends from Coffee Collective have made a guide on how to brew the right pot. You can read along here or see the guide by clicking here .

1. Use 52 grams of coffee for 800 grams of water
2. Coarsely grind your coffee
3. The water must be filtered and between 92 and 95 degrees - Bottled water can also be used.
4. Set a timer for 4 minutes and pour the water over the coffee. Make sure all the coffee is wet.
5. When the time is up, break the crust with a spoon.
6. Skim off the coffee, as the foam on top contains bitterness.
7. Leave the coffee for a moment, then put the lid on and push it down.
8. The coffee is ready to serve!

If you do not serve all the coffee at once, it is a good idea to pour the coffee into something else where it can stay warm. A plunger pot is a brewing tool and therefore the coffee continues to brew if you leave it in the plunger pot.

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